Personal Coaching Services

Are You Feeling Seriously “Stuck” in Some Aspect of Your Life?

Why Coaching?

We all, to one extent or another, are prisoners of our own thought patterns, habits, and ways of seeing the world. It can be hard to address our problems, or areas of stuckness, within the confines of a perspective that cannot see outside itself.

Coaching provides an outside perspective, as well as a safe and supportive space for grappling with areas of internal struggle and envisioning possibilities for growthful, satisfying, life-expanding pursuits. If approached from a place of earnestness, honesty, and a willingness to entertain new ideas and experiment with new actions, it can be a tipping point into greater clarity and a greater sense of living purposefully.

What Coaching Is Not

Coaching is not therapy. I am not a trained or licensed mental health professional. If you are seriously depressed, are having suicidal thoughts, or are otherwise struggling with a serious mental health issue, I urge you to contact someone who is a licensed mental health professional ASAP.

My Coaching Approach and Philosophy

As your coach, I am committed to being your ally in helping you arrive at personally empowering choices and decisions. I operate from the premise that you have your own inner wisdom, and my role is to help draw this out of you so you can effectively tap into your own resourcefulness.

I provide a supportive atmosphere wherein I encourage you to express yourself and acknowledge the different parts within – the multiplicity of needs that may seem to be at odds with each other. All must be considered and attended to if you are to come up with workable solutions and action steps.

Unlike as may be the case with friends, family members, or significant others, I am not attached to your making any specific life decision. Sometimes the best decision we can make at one point in our lives is the opposite of the best decision we can make at another. Context is everything, and only you can decide, ultimately, what is best for you. What I may do is point out observations I make about the things you say and the way you say them. I may ask you to “try on” different decisions or possibilities in your mind and see how they sit with you, so that you can determine for yourself what feels most right for you.  

I also provide accountability – that is, someone to check in with to confirm that you are seeing through your own commitments to yourself.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If the above sounds of interest to you, please click on the green button below and select a time from the available ones listed on the calendar that opens up. Make sure it is a time when you can ensure privacy and can free yourself from any and all external distractions.

I believe that fit is crucial for coaching to be effective. During your consultation call, we will discuss your reason(s) for seeking out a coach and determine what a first course of action might look like.

After our session you can decide for yourself whether or not coaching from me is something you wish to pursue further. I do not pressure anyone, and believe that both parties must feel good about entering an ongoing coaching relationship.